Welcome back to your
Giving Side

Prototype Development

Track and remember
Your Giving

You give in so many different ways -
charitable, political, crowdfunding,
volunteering, etc. You give through so
many different platforms - actblue,
gofundme, venmo, etc.

For the first time, Giving Side invites
you to bring together all the ways
you do good.

EBCF Donor Community Pilot

Honor & Celebrate
Your Giving

Your giving is a proxy for the things
you care about - your friends and family,
causes you’re passionate about, and
organizations and communities you

We designed everything to help you
honor and celebrate the relationships
that inspire your giving side.

Product Revisions and Feedback Incorporation

Discover and learn about
Your Giving

Your giving is more than a random set
of single transactions. There’s patterns,
trends, momentum and a type of
practice in your giving.

Giving Side provides a brand new and
free way to discover and see it all.

Lucy Bernholz

Lucy Bernholz

Director, Digital Civil Society Lab at Stanford PACS

“Giving Side is a mirror that shows you how you’re acting on the things you care about.”

Gregory Cendana


President & Co-Founder, Can't Stop Won't Stop Consulting

“Giving Side has helped me live out my values, both as an organizer and member of many cherished communities. By providing a dedicated reminder of my relationships to amazing people, organizations and causes, Giving Side has been a well of inspiration, supporting me to share more love, support and mutuality.”

Product Revisions and Feedback Incorporation


Senior Advisor & Chief Strategist at City of Birmingham

“Civic participation is a muscle that we're asked to exercise regularly. Mario and his team at Giving Side have been there for me, encouraging and scaffolding my practice of supporting the institutions and communities that shape and support me.”